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I discovered my passion in crafting candles, expressing the inner elegance through the use of soya wax.

I have never looked to candles as products or just candles.

For me candles, it’s a source of inspiration and warm place of healing.

I looked into candles as a way of energy and healing, that’s why I decided to spread my positive energy in the amazing country of UAE by crafting my hand made candles with love.

What drew you to the art of candle making?

I do remember my first touch with soya wax candle, it was in Feb 2023, in that time, I wanted to have a new hobby in my life, and then I ordered small kit from amazon, and here was the moment of magic, when I touched the soya wax, I understood that I am created for that journey for candles, and my creative part was out that night.

How did you start your business?

Upon purchasing a candle-making kit from Amazon, I excitedly approached my husband and shared my vision. “I’ve got an idea. I’m not sure how to bring it to life yet, but I’m determined to make it happen, no matter what,” I told him. My plan was to handcraft candles. Seeing my passion and determination, my husband immediately supported my dream. He could tell that my spirit was uplifted by this new venture. In a matter of days, we began investing in the necessary raw materials and packaging for candle-making. To hone my skills, I enrolled in courses on candle-making, creating engaging Instagram reels, and photography for showcasing my products. Within two weeks, I was ready to launch my online shop on Instagram. I want to emphasize to all of you that my goal isn’t just to sell candles as products. My mission is to infuse each elegant candle with my energy and love, creating something that not only lights up your space but also brings warmth to your homes.

Is there a story behind your name and logo?

Reflecting on the night I was brimming with positive energy to launch my business, the first name that sprang to mind was “Mrs. Aline”. The initial logo concept featured a candle in the shape of a woman’s body, symbolizing the uniqueness and allure of my candles, a design not yet seen in the UAE. After discussing with my husband, we decided to collaborate with a professional marketing agency to refine our strategies. The agency proposed several ideas, but I made numerous changes to them, driven by my pursuit of excellence. This collaborative effort eventually led us to the current logo of Aline, a true representation of our brand’s identity and vision.

How do you choose your candle scents?

Finding high-quality luxury oils for candle making in Dubai posed a significant challenge, as regular oils available in supermarkets weren’t suitable for my candles. Determined to source the perfect scents, I turned to Instagram for leads and discovered a few places in Dubai offering luxury perfume oils. My goal was to find unique, captivating fragrances not readily available elsewhere. After ordering and testing various oils, I selected only a couple of exceptional scents: “Pop Corn” and “Cotton Flower.” The Pop Corn scent was irresistibly sexy and robust, evoking a sense of indulgence, while Cotton Flower offered a pure, powdery floral aroma, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to the candles.

Do you have any advice for those hoping to build their own candle business?
Yes, I have a lot to be shared with you. Firstly, “It’s a creative business” and you should understand, do you do this for money, or you do this to put your energy and creativity to the world, and money will be next step. Secondly, “Don’t listen to anyone who gave you advice out of candles experience”, listen to you heart and soul and test as many as you can to reach your destination. Thirdly, “Follow on social media, the people who also do candle business, and take some inspirations from them. Fourthly, “Start by 100% Soya wax or Coconut wax”, your things should be 100% pure.

What are some things you need to have around you to feel inspired and happy at work?
First, it’s my morning Coffee 🙂 Then it’s my elegant, crafted studio for candles making. And my lovely cute Pomeranian dog “Mishka” 🙂

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