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How to: 7 Steps to Start Your Own Candle Business

How to Start Your Own Candle Business 🕯️🕯️

Step 1: Plan Ahead
✍️ Choose a catchy business name and define your target audience.
🎯 Develop marketing strategies to reach your candle-loving niche.
💡 Decide on candle sizes, wax types, and scents to determine your workflow and pricing.

Step 2: Register Your Business
📝 Register your candle business
📜 Familiarize yourself with legal requirements

Step 3: Prepare Your Product
🎨 Design eye-catching candle labels using Adobe Photoshop or Canva.
🔍 Source materials from bulk suppliers
🕯️ Experiment with different waxes, dyes, scents, and wicks to create the perfect candle.

Step 4: Build Your Brand Online
🌐 Create a professional website, even if you plan to sell on different platforms.
💻 Choose an easy-to-use website builder with e-commerce capabilities.
🛍️ Consider platforms like Shopify, Wix, or Weebly for your online store.

Step 5: Diversify Your Sales Channels
💰 Expand beyond your website and sell on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and Instagram.
🏪 Explore partnerships with local retailers to sell directly with minimal shipping/delivery costs.
📈 Increase exposure and sales opportunities for your candle business.

Step 6: Determine Your Pricing Strategy
💵 Aim for a 25% to 50% profit margin when pricing your candles.
📊 Calculate anticipated expenses and account for online payment processor fees.
⌛️ Factor in the time spent making custom candles and adjust prices accordingly.

Step 7: Market Your Business
📢 Start with free or low-cost marketing strategies to establish your presence.
🤝 Collaborate with influencers for barter exchanges to promote your candles.

Ready to turn your candle passion into a side hustle? Follow these steps and let your candle business shine! 🌟✨💫

Thanks for reading!

We have covered a few points in this article. There’s an extended version available here for more info. We understand that starting a new business is a challenging task, and there is no perfect timing to get started. Believe us, we have seen many crafters succeed at it time and time again—just like you. If you’re determined to make handmade things, a motivated self-starter, ready to explore, learn and grow, then you’re the game changer.

We also host different workshops from time to time – stay updated with us via our instagram.

CandleStart offers Candle Making Supplies in Dubai and white label / custom made candles.

For more info, kindly don’t hesitate to contact us on phone / WhatsApp +971-55-5050375

Happy Candle Making!

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