The CandleStart Series – 005

Featuring founder of Smith & Lizzy – @smithandlizzy

Smith & Lizzy’s creations is so DIY. They handcraft each and every vessel. Find out more about their candle making start with a purpose!

In a Nutshell, what does Smith & Lizzy Candle Company do?

SMITH AND LIZZY how big is the “nutshell”? We have so many ideas and way too many brain tabs open. Our main purpose, however, is to create safe burning premium soy wax candles using sustainably sourced materials.

You guys are so DIY. How did you find out you could actually make a product people would come to buy?

Thank you for asking that question and the simple answer is – We didn’t know what the response would be. To be honest we really didn’t give that a second thought. We just knew we wanted to do things a little differently and that’s always a good place to start. Worst case scenario was that we would have candles for our homes, for life, and that’s not such a bad thing.

How do you find time to balance your craft with other areas of your life?

“Love what you do and never work a day in your life” It’s exactly like this . We do not over commit with our clients. We prefer to pour in small batches ensuring quality over quantity. This gives us time to enjoy a bit of everything.

Covid: What a year!! How have you adapted?

Day by day has always been our motto. We would like to think we have become more settled, less flustered and more focused on the things we can control instead of the things we cannot.

What is the biggest mistake that inexperienced crafters can make with jar candles?

We are all about safety first. For us the biggest mistake or oversight is not having a clear and concise knowledge of the supplies you choose. A clear understanding of your wax limitations, wick selection and fragrance loads are paramount, not only to the success of the end product, but also to the safe burn of your candle. We still get into lengthy discussions about little changes here and there. Candle making is not an overnight success story that is for sure.

How can your business compete with the discount jar candles available at chain stores?

We do not try to compete … there is enough business for everyone. Some like the overwhelming strong throw of paraffin wax and some like the more subtle aroma of a sustainable and natural wax. We stay true to our brand and that has what has given us our success to date.

What’s the best part about creating your products and what are your two favorite candle making products/tools?

Our start to finish is a little different to the run of the mill candle business. We hand craft each and every vessel. I think we would say that there is a huge sense of achievement reclaiming, recycling and repurposing glass bottles into SMITHANDLIZZY creations. Our glass cutting and sanding tools have to be high on the list of faves followed closely by fragrance oils.

Is instagram the most effective social media platform for you, and why?

We love a bit of insta .. is it effective? Our chat page certainly is 😬 We spend lots of time chatting with our suppliers, fellow chandlers and small business owners following the sustainable, eco-friendly route. We are happy to grow organically … there is no huge rush. We have some fun, we love our images and we endeavor to support small business whenever we can. We certainly have our “crush” pages, they give us endless amounts of inspiration.

What do you want to learn more about?

Where do we start? …. We have lots of new and exciting things on the horizon which I can 100% categorically assure you will keep us on the learning journey path.

Do you have any other advice or tips for beginner or aspiring candle makers?

Start the journey, it’s amazing! Ask lots of questions. Give yourself a few months of research. Start with quality supplies … we could go on all day. Do it because you love it and if it turns into more … well, that’s an added bonus.

What do you love the most about running your own candle business?

The endless supply of candles in our homes. I mean, who doesn’t love a candle.

Anything new we can do for or offer you?

Continued support for each other. We love a community like that.  


Find Lizzy and Smith & Lizzy: Instagram

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