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Shades of Grey

AED 30.00AED 545.00

 from 9am – 6pm

Shades of Grey

This fragrance oil is a sophisticated blend with distinct layers of scents:

  • Top Notes: Black Currant offers a tart, fruity aroma, while Ylang-Ylang contributes a rich, slightly sweet and floral scent, setting a vibrant and sensual opening.
  • Middle Notes: Tuberose brings a heady, intense floral fragrance, paired with the sophisticated and slightly exotic aroma of Orchid, creating a luxurious and deep heart.
  • Base Notes: Vetiver adds an earthy, woody depth, complemented by the sweet, creamy richness of Vanilla, grounding the fragrance in a warm and comforting finish.

This combination results in a complex, multi-faceted fragrance, perfect for an enchanting and elegant atmosphere.

AED 30.00AED 545.00

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Our goal is to provide scents specifically designed and verified for use in candles. Many fragrance providers outside the candle industry introduce innovative scents, but these often don’t work well with candle systems. In choosing and presenting our candle fragrances, we focus on certain key aspects:

  1. Innovativeness and Market Appeal: We prioritize originality and potential popularity in the market.
  2. Technical Compatibility: This includes factors like:
    • Stability under light exposure.
    • Performance during burning.
    • Aroma intensity when the candle is both lit (hot throw) and unlit (cold throw).
    • The natural color of the fragrance and its interaction with added colorants.
  3. Safety Considerations:
    • Adherence to CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) labeling regulations, when required.
    • Compliance with legal standards (EU).
    • IFRA-certified
    • Paraben-free, DEP/Phthalates-free & Cruelty-free
  4. Made in: Switzerland.

We partner with top-tier, highly inventive fragrance firms, enabling us to provide our clients with exceptionally unique scents. Many of these fragrances are crafted using proprietary, patented scent molecules, ensuring a distinct aromatic experience that stands out in the market.

Suitable for:
CANDLES: Minimum Dosage 4.00%
Paraffin Wax Base / Stearin blend: 3% – 6%

SOAP: – start with 0,5% – 1%

ROOM SPRAY: Eau de Toilette 7,5% – Parfum 10% – Eau de Parfum 15%

REED DIFFUSER: 10% – 15%

*Those applications all work with the oil as such without formula changes.

CRÈMES: you have to try whether your base works well with the fragrance oil. Start testing with 0,5%

Additional information

Additional information


29ML, 250ML, 500ML, 1L

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Shades of Grey

AED 30.00AED 545.00

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