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Flame Shaped Wooden Wicks

AED 55.00

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Flame Shaped Wooden Wicks

AED 55.00

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Comes in a bag of 25pcs

Wooden Wicks with Metal Clips

“Wave” / “Flame” wicks are great for large or odd shaped containers as they quickly form a full melt pool. Easy to re-light and stay lit while burning.  Subtle crackling sound when burning. No overly smoky smell.

Each wick comes with one metal wick sustainer.  Square or round shape is random.

Wave Wick
Composition: Maple
Recommended Diameter:  3″ (20mm)


We recommend soaking the Wave wick in the wax that you will be using for about 10 minutes. After cutting to starting length trimming is not necessary. In order to easily re-light wick simply extinguish by re-coating wick with liquid wax. We recommend using a small spoon.

***Wave Wicks are all natural.  As such there may be times after re-lighting that the candle will not stay lit.  You CAN get the candle to stay lit but it may require a bit of work.  First, make sure the wick was primed.  Second, make sure to put it out by putting wax over it.  Third, if it is not staying let trim off blacked wick and tilt candle to allow a bit of wax to move away from the wick. If you are worried about this then Wave Wicks may not be for you.

***Recommended results obtained with Golden Wax 464.  As with all wicking our results are merely a starting point for your own testing.  As with any candle wax, scent or jar differences will affect your burning outcome.  As with anything new it is always suggested to purchase small amounts to test with before purchasing larger amount.

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Flame Shaped Wooden Wicks

AED 55.00

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