Sample Pack – Eco Wick Raw Roll

AED 99.00

Eco Wick Raw Roll Candle Wick Sample Pack

Sample Pack includes 1m of each Eco Candle Wick Size

Eco Candle Wicks
Made in Germany

Coreless Braided Wick Design – Great Scent Throw – Self-Trimming

  • Flat, non-directional braided wick designed without a core.
  • High melt point natural wax coating.
  • Paper fibers woven into the braid help create consistent and even flames.
  • Rigid design keeps wicks straight in any type of wax. Great for natural waxes and paraffin blends.
  • The ideal wick for viscous, hard-to-melt natural waxes.
  • Perform well in container candles, tealights, votives and pillars.

Length: 1m

Lead and zinc free.

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The candle diameters listed are suggestions based on standard results. They should be taken
as a starting point for testing purposes only, as burning rates may well differ due to variations
between different candle systems.

Wedo wicks combine the highest grade wick materials, state of the art braiding and spooling technology, as well as tried,
tested and approved chemical treatments. The aim is to provide the cleanest and safest possible burn in the candle
blends in question. The materials and processes also ensure consistent product quality from start to finish and from batch
to batch.

“The self-trimming wick stance minimizes or eliminates carbon deposit formation and greatly reduces afterglow.
Wedo supplies wicks unwaxed on spools, prewaxed on drums or as prewaxed assemblies mounted on sustainers.
Wedo is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and as an accredited supplier only manufactures wicks which fulfil the
stringent requirements of the European quality seal RAL GZ 041. All cotton we use is from “Better Cotton” sustainable
sources. Wedo also only uses green electricity from renewable sources as certified by the “green electricity +” seal.”


           ECO 1            55 – 57 mm (2.16″ – 2.24″)
           ECO 1.5                57 – 59 mm (2.24″ – 2.35″)
           ECO 2                60 – 64 mm (2.36″ – 2.51″)
           ECO 4                 > 65 mm (<2.55″)
           ECO 6                65 < mm (2.55″ <)
           ECO 8                > 70 mm (<2.36″)
           ECO 10                70 < mm (2.36″<)
           ECO 12                70 – 75 mm (2.36″ – 2.95″)
           ECO 14             76 – 80 mm (2.99″ – 3.14″)
           ECO 16             80 +mm (3.14″+)



This size chart is a rough guide – different waxes, fragrance and colours all effect the wicking of the candle. Trial and error is the only way to ensure correct wicking.

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