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Container Candle Starter Kit

AED 445.00

 from 12pm – 4pm

Container Candle Starter Kit

Embark on your candle-making journey with our premier container candle crafting kit. It features user-friendly Kerasoy container wax, essential tools, and a comprehensive 5-page instruction guide packed with all the necessary information to kickstart your creative endeavor.

AED 445.00

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1x 1.2 kg kerasoy container wax (4130)

6x vessel with lid

1x 102grams fragrance oil

6x stabilo wicks (size: 14)

6x wick centering tool

6x wick sticker

6x round candle safety label

1x spatula

1x 3 liter jug

1x digital scale

1x color dye chips

1x 5 page: Introduction to Container Candle Making


extra tools required from your household

stovetop, a pot filled with water, and your jug from the kit to create a gentle double-boil heating method

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Container Candle Starter Kit

AED 445.00

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