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Make a Wish Candle DIY Kit

AED 75.00

 from 12pm – 4pm

Make a Wish Candle DIY Kit

Compose a desire or grant one as a present using the “Make a Wish Candle” Do-It-Yourself Candle Kit.

The standout feature of this kit is the “Wish Wick Pen”, which enables you to inscribe a wish onto the wooden wick before putting it together, adding an extra touch of personalization.

These fast-drying, non-toxic pens are compatible with various surfaces and can also be employed for embellishing the container. Here’s to the realization of all your aspirations.

AED 75.00

Hurry! only 5 left in stock.

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1x 7oz KeraSoy Container 4130 (200grams)
1x vessel with lid (220ml)
1x 0.7oz fragrance oil (19-20grams)
1x wooden wick
1x metal wick clip
1x wick sticker
1x round candle safety label
1x bamboo mixing spoon
1x stickers
1x wish pen

extra tools required from your household:


WARNING: When heating candle wax in the microwave, it’s important to monitor the process closely. Use brief heating intervals to prevent the wax from becoming excessively hot.

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Make a Wish Candle DIY Kit

AED 75.00

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